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Home Surveillance Systems in Toronto by Home-Elite

home surveillance systems toronto
IP Camera


CCTV gives the opportunity to allow for managed monitoring of environments and or people in a structured way. In modern systems control and viewing can be achieved securely from various locations. With a wealth of technical knowledge coupled with the highest level of customer service Home-Elite is able to deliver a broad range of bespoke solutions utilising all of the CCTV technology available on the market.

 Surveillance Installation

Access Control & Security

Installing access control systems into your home or business environment is a way of protecting your property, your household and your visitors. By managing and monitoring access into and from any area or building, this flexible system can ensure complete control over any site, however large or small.

Home Automation
IP Camera
Home Automation

Home Automation - Light, Multiroom Sound and more...

Home Automation from Home-Elite offers complete integrated home solutions for every lifestyle and budget with a full range of automation products.
Our products may be installed in new construction or retrofitted into existing homes. Wireless options are available.

Home Automation
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Motorized by Somfy

Moving your TV to the Comfort Viewing Zone!

New Network Solutions for Homes and Buseneses

DVR/NVR-Free Surveillanse Systems for Low Budget

Turns any Computer into a Powerfull Surveillance System. IP Cameras with buid-in Motion Detector and SD-Card Storage can cover all Surveillance needs in light low-budget application. The systems can be extended to full-format NVR-based configuration any time.

 Surveillance Installation

NAS - Network Storage for Home and Business

NAS (Network-Attached Storage) devices have become a staple not only in business, but in home users' networks. A NAS provides data storage and sharing across a network. However, the NAS devices we have tested in PC Labs lately have extensive capabilities, backup, and data recovery options, as well as application add-ons to plump up the feature set even further. Besides providing a way to store and share data on a network, many NAS devices can run in additional server modes as Music/Video/Photo servers.

 Surveillance Installation

Easy & Invisible Retrofit into an Existing House!

There are a number of options to get multi-room surround sound in to an existing home. We have a team to install any cabling around your home - providing an invisible installation service. Advances in wireless technologies can also allow us to distribute audio and video around the home wirelessly in some circumstances. We have case studies available of retrofit multiroom solutions.

 Surveillance Installation

Shades and Blinds - brings your home to life by creating movement for all openings to help you save energy and add comfort to your daily life.

You can easily control one or a group of window coverings from a wall control or from a remote control transmitter. You can also program your window coverings to a predefined schedule or create recurring scenarios which run automatically or even have your window coverings open and close with our sun and wind sensors.

"The ultimate convenience is to touch a table top display screen to dim the lights, turn on the security system, turn off the audio system and to close our privacy shades throughout the house."
Roger, Dallas, TX

 Surveillance Installation

Anyone who desires to protect their dwelling or property should consider a Home Surveillance System. When seeking surveillance systems Toronto area residents can rely on Home-Elite, a premier provider of equipment, installation and service. Home-Elite can handle all aspects of a Home Surveillance System projects, from project design to installation and programming. In addition to providing top-quality Surveillance Systems, Home-Elite also offers other value-added technology for Home Automation, Home Theatre, Lighting Control, Networking, and much more.

Over the years, Home Surveillance System technology has advanced continuously. As a result, more and more homeowners in the greater Toronto area are choosing to install high-quality in-home surveillance systems from Home-Elite. The company supplies all products and expertise for the professional home surveillance systems Toronto area residents need and deserve.

home security surveillance cctvhome monitoring using phone

One surveillance system approach preferred by many Toronto area residents is closed circuit television, or CCTV. Typically, this set up includes one or more cameras in strategic locations, along with digital video recorders (DVRs) for image capture. With a CCTV surveillance solution, Toronto homeowners can enjoy system control and monitoring from multiple locations, even when they are away from the residence.

When installing surveillance systems, Toronto area homeowners often opt to add access control as an extra measure of protection.  Home-Elite’s Access Control Solutions, which manage who can enter a building or section of a building, also have high appeal to business owners. In a home application, access control solutions, which require an individual to swipe a key tag or card to enter a specific area, can benefit parents who need to secure pools or wine cellars.

Toronto area residents may choose to add multi-purpose security systems to complement their home surveillance solution. Advanced security systems from Home-Elite can detect intruders, carbon monoxide, smoke, water, or fire. Many of these systems can double as an access control solution by requiring individuals to enter specific user codes for property access. Another value-added feature is a central monitoring system with automated voice notification via phone.

Any Toronto area residents who desire a home automation solution can turn to Home-Elite for equipment, along with professional installation and design. Home-Elite Home Automation packages, which suit every type of lifestyle and budget, can work in both new construction homes and existing dwellings.  Homeowners in Toronto can enjoy home automation solutions featuring the same centralized and remote management that is part of Home-Elite’s Surveillance System packages. Home Automation options include: Multi-Room Sound, Lighting Control, Home Theatre, and Networking.  Without question, a home automation solution is a great add-on to the home surveillance systems Toronto area residents select from Home-Elite.

Today’s Home Surveillance Systems rely on advanced technologies, which can scale to meet the needs and budgets of Toronto homeowners.  Toronto’s business owners also turn to Home-Elite for the surveillance and security systems they need to protect their corporate assets.  When looking for the best surveillance systems, Toronto residents know they can trust Home-Elite for state-of-the-art equipment and professional expertise.  Whether you are seeking a surveillance, security, or home automation system, you can rely on Home-Elite.

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